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Writing Journey

Someone asked me once, “When did you choose to write?”

To be honest, I never decided. It has been there from the time I discovered books.

From an early age, when I developed to the stage I could read novels on my own, my mind began crafting scenes of characters who were living in my mind.

Yep. Sounds creepy. However, everyone who knows the yearning to create knows what I mean.

Discovering romance stories by my mid-teens helped me to figure out what sort of lives I craved to produce. One of the early romance novels I read was by Janelle Taylor. It was the initial novel in her Grey Eagle series, Savage Ecstasy.

I absorbed that saga then stuck it on my shelf where it would sit until a few years later; I reread them again.

Oh, Grey Eagle, you still have my heart!

When Johanna Lindsey came into my life through Brave the Wild Wind (1984), Savage Thunder (1989), and Angel (1992) I recognized she was a writer I respected in so many aspects I wanted to tell adventures like she did.

Have I carried out that objective? Nope. Not at all. I pushed the process, self-published my first work, If There Hadn’t Been You, and offered it for sale. Although, as of this blog post, it has received an average score of 5 stars on Amazon, I know my blunders.

I’ll be rewriting that book this year. I’m studying the craft of storytelling and will step back and change.

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