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March 8, 2021

Book 6, The Dreamer, is coming. I promise! However, not before June or July because it will go through edits before it is released, better than the previous books had. That will give the reader a good experience when reading it which, in my opinion, is the main goal.

Previous books will all be edited. Corrections have been made to If There Hadn’t Been You and Something Magical. The rest of the Fisher/Lafayette series will also undergo revamps.

If There Hadn’t Been You is currently in the hands of an editor who knows her stuff. Whoot!

The book I will give away free to anyone signing up for my newsletter is still a work in process. It might not be ready by the date I was aiming for, but because I wish to put my best foot forward, I would rather have the corrections done before launching.

I hope all of you who have become fans already will continue to be patient with me and thank you to everyone who has emailed to tell me they are looking forward to the read. It means a lot to me!

Best regards!

J.R. Zimmer

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