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Free Ebook now available for download!

Hello all!

Life’s been busy, for sure.

I’m happy to announce I have all the Kindle books corrected. Hopefully, no one will find any more errors. But ya know what, we are all only human. If you find an error, please consider emailing me at to let me know about it. I can correct the errors, but the bad review will remain for eternity.

I am also pleased to announce the free Ebook is now available when signing up for my newsletter. Head on over to and get your copy downloaded today! You can probably tell by my far and few blog posts that I am not a spammer, no do I sell your email address to anyone. My newsletter comes out once or twice a month so it will not clog your inbox. The newsletter will let you know where I’m at with the next book and upcoming projects. I’ll let you know what books I’m reading and perhaps recommend a few along the way.

On top of all that, there might be a contest along the way.

So sign up to download your free Ebook, Coming Home, today!

Please consider giving a like to my Facebook page at:

Thank you!

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