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Writing: finding time.

Getting time to write and have the flow happen is a challenge. I have a job. One that is retail related and, as anyone who works in that industry knows, it’s not a nine to five off on weekends adventure. There are days when I get home, compose three sentences before sliding into bed, and the next day after work wonder where the heck I am in the narrative.

On the rare occasions I receive two days off in a row, it feels as though I’ve won the lottery! Hahaha. But that’s when I can be the most productive at creating the story I want to write.

Presently, I am working on a novel I will give away free when individuals sign up for my newsletter. After that is edited, refined and gone over, I will begin re writing book number one. I’m learning to take things slow and not be so eager to put a book out there before it’s ready for the public to read. If I do not take the time to put my best work out there, I cannot expect people to take me sincerely as a novelist.

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