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Autographed paperback book.


After finding his lover cheated on him, TJ Fisher sold his multi-million-dollar construction company in New York City and moved on with his life. Now he refurbishes houses and sells them for profit.
A chance encounter at the local bar would change his life.
Tabitha Turner was pregnant when her husband Owen died unexpectedly, leaving her behind to raise the baby and keep the doors open to the struggling veterinarian clinic they built together.
Now, her business was doing well, and her daughter was an active three-year-old.
When her ex-in-laws showed up, wanting to spend time with their granddaughter, Tabitha has mixed emotions. They blamed Tabitha for their son’s death and believed she worshiped the devil because she had been raised Wiccan.
Can TJ be the anchor Tabitha desperately needs when Owen’s parents kidnap Tabitha’s daughter, Abby, to save her from her mother’s wicked beliefs?

Something Magical (Fisher/Lafayette Saga Book 5)

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