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Onward I Go.

I got the corrections done for Spitfire. Yay me. I upload the Kindle version and will tackle the paperback over the next few days.

The free book is slowly taking shape. It is easier to stay focused when I have more than one day off from my job. Less distracting and I can remember where I am in the story- if my husband would stop coming into my office every five minutes to tell me things, I have no interest in. He does not understand how therapeutic writing is for me.

To be fair, I do not understand is interest in quantum physics, stock markets, and cars. Nor does he get a clue when I look at him with a blank glaze in my eyes. I’ve learned to nod my head as though I’m listening because no matter what, he’s going to tell me about it, regardless.

And people wonder why I enjoy writing romance. At least in those stories, I can spend time with the man of my dreams every day.

Ha, ha.

What things are distractions for you, and how do you keep yourself focused?

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